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The TypeTen Story

TypeTen started with Spencer and Lee. Two entrepreneurs who took their future into their own hands, starting off initially as cleaning and strip out business for construction projects around London. Through constant innovation and enterprise they have developed and grown their business to a leading construction, development and energy company in London and beyond.

We see opportunity in the places we go and in the people we meet. We have recruited people from all walks of life with all sorts of experience, related to the industry or not, because they are people we know can bring their unique perspective to help build the team’s expertise.

Their desire to take risks, be positive and proactive, and put people first have led the company from strength to strength, expanding into a leading name in the industry. The rest is history, but we’re more focused on the bright future ahead.
“We want to be providing people with opportunities and nurturing them while creating a space where they like to come to every day.”
Spencer Walshe & Lee Cummins

The TypeTen Mission

TypeTen is driven by Laying Foundations for Great Futures.

From the start of a construction project to the development of new buildings to the implementation of a new way to change. We also lay the groundwork for our employees to grow and thrive.

We create bright futures for our employees, our clients and the communities in which we live. We take care and minimise our impact on the environment to support our generation and generations to come.

Our Values

We take a considered approach
We’re not afraid to tackle the big picture, but we also know that it’s the details that can make or break a project. We consider every challenge, every opportunity, every angle—and we build with every stakeholder in mind.
We nurture to succeed
We build expert teams that share an ambitious vision for the future. We assemble the people who are able to deliver against that vision and exceed all expectations. We invest in the people we work with so that we can inspire the people our projects will impact.
We inspire through creativity
We’re elevated by our creative ideas and grounded in industry expertise. We deliver inventive, unexpected solutions that solve real- world problems in the most inspiring ways—for our clients, for people and for the planet as a whole.
We adapt to advance
We play to our strengths but that doesn’t mean we stay in our lane. We know that our success is built on our ability to seize opportunities outside of the obvious; to drive innovation in any area we can; to adapt to a changing, challenging world.

Our Belief

We believe that we are here to help people prosper, by creating environments to support them to do so. We pave the way for growth by always inviting and seeking new opportunities, always working with consideration and integrity, always nurturing, never blaming, and always laying foundations for the next big idea.

And we believe in always finding a way. Our teams work together to seek new solutions, overcome obstacles, and invent with intent. Why? Because we believe in each other, our diversity in skillsets, experience, and personality which all make positive contributions to the work we deliver.

Our people are vital for the delivery of quality assured projects and environments. And equally our projects and environments are vital to allow our people and our communities to grow and live better.

Through our people, our services and our commitments to our client’s journey we believe we will find success. Success in the way we contribute to our own and the day to day lives of others, success in the partnerships we make and success in the projects we choose to become a part of.