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TypeTen endeavour to lead the construction, development and energy sectors in a direction towards better environmental responsibility. This means keeping our practices as sustainable as possible and working with others to ensure that every touchpoint, on any one of our projects, has environmentally responsible people and organisations managing it.

Like most responsibility, this starts with training. The whole TypeTen team are kept aware of our mission to drive down emissions and landfill waste so we strive as a unit for the highest level of environmental compliance through procedural review, careful monitoring of output and constant training throughout the company.

Sustainable Power

We brought together leading professionals from across the construction, development and energy sectors and we’ve already seen the benefits of this expertise. From installing electronic charging points across the UK to encourage increased use of electric vehicles and machinery, to fitting new infrastructure with low emission energy sources, we’re building a more sustainable future from the ground up.

Waste management and recycling

Our collective years of experience have led us to develop lasting relationships with waste contractors and supply chain, recycling centres and reuse specialists to ensure all waste streams from our works are fully traceable and comply with current WRAP and Environmental Agency guidelines, as well as satisfying LEED and BREEAM criteria.

Wherever possible, we reuse all materials and waste products before having to send anything to landfill. Anything that can be recycled safely, will be. Being registered with the Environment Agency as a licensed waste carrier, we consistently achieve more than 98% diversion from landfill and all removed material is placed in closed-loop recycling systems.

TypeTen work closely with our clients to ensure they reach an excellence award in BREEAM.

Our Site Waste Management Plan and waste reports identify potential nuisance and waste risks before any work begins, so we can help all our clients achieve excellent environmental ratings and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Taking this seriously also means maintaining a level of oversight and control. That’s why we have our own fleet of vehicles to remove all necessary waste, allowing us to personally push for the highest recycling rate as possible on our own terms.