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We live in an undeniably fast passed and ever-changing world. The natural and built environments we call home are under constant strain to keep up and it’s our combined responsibility to protect our communities and those who live in them.

At TypeTen, we take our impact on the people around our projects to heart and strive to ensure that the only imprints we leave behind are positive ones that can help people live better. With a vast experience in building and working with communities, the team maintain a constant vision to take new steps in becoming more sustainable and adapt business activities. Innovation is at the forefront of the way we do things; we challenge convention and find better ways of working.


Commitment to developing fantastic communities starts at ground level by working with local organisations and stakeholders to best serve and understand the people close to our projects.

We collaborate with local charities to support some of society’s most vulnerable and excluded groups, allowing us to address and raise awareness of issues that affect local residents. With a focus on homelessness, poverty, social exclusion, mental health, young children’s charities, and criminal justice, we aim to help develop communities beyond what expectations.


TypeTen’s approach to sustainability goes beyond box ticking or hollow PR talking points, it’s one of the founding pillars of our approach to construction. Our background in the energy sector and proven track record of developing for a more electric, sustainable future for the British infrastructure speak for themselves.

We want people to enjoy the communities we help create for as long as possible, as well as helping our clients do their bit for the environment. That’s why we push beyond levels of sustainability compliance to lead the field in a more environmentally friendly direction.


TypeTen put in place a series of policies which govern how we approach business, development, construction, and our impact on those around us.

From the ground up, every step we take will be taken with others in mind.