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Laying foundations for a brighter future isn’t just about building sustainable infrastructure – it’s about nurturing the people around it too. It is everyone’s joint responsibility to help make their community a better place. We created TypeTen as a platform for construction, building and raising up our community and their futures.

Health, safety & wellbeing

We are committed to our people and a culture where safety comes first. Modern construction needs a fully comprehensive, positive, and proactive approach to health, safety and wellbeing at every stage of a project. Staff, contractors, clients, and local people all need looking after which is why TypeTen proactively achieve all safety standards and make health, safety and wellbeing training a priority for the whole team.


It’s not just about our built environment, its’ about improving the lives and environment for everyone. Along with working alongside local councils to create space tailored to each community, we support several charities to encourage a better quality of life for young people across the UK.

As the needs of our planet evolve, so must. We embrace our modern approach to construction which means that sustainability is at the forefront of every project we do, so as many people as possible can enjoy their new communities we influence for years to come.

Our People

Our passion for this industry comes from our people and the people we help and work with every single day. We’re here to help people prosper, whether it’s a team member or future resident of one of our projects, we want everyone to thrive. We pave the way for growth by always inviting and seeking new opportunities, continually working with consideration and integrity, nurturing, and laying foundations for the next big idea.


As modern construction evolves to reflect the needs of our planet and communities. We can grow, provide value, and develop a world that is sustainable.

The TypeTen team are committed to respect, inclusion, and a passion for creating. We value equality and diversity, collaborating with people from all backgrounds and viewpoints to build something great together.