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The UK has pledged to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – a goal to protect our planet. Every walk of life will need to adapt to reduce carbon emissions and green energy infrastructure will be one of the most important pillars in that movement.

Our specialist energy division at TypeTen has years of experience with providing sustainable, renewable energy throughout large infrastructure projects and across the country. With a demonstrable track record in committing to the environment through installing electric charging points across the UK, to fitting large scale projects with entirely renewable energy sources, providing the public with clean and accessible energy is a core tenet of all our developments.
EV Charging Point Installation
Battery Energy Storage
Renewable Energy Power Plants
Solar Power

Leading the charge

TypeTen work with key clients to ensure that all new structures meet the need to house and charge electric vehicles and continue to roll out a nationwide network of DC Powered Rapid charging points across the country. This is an initiative that has been at the heart of our Energy team for many years and the grid of electric charging ports across the UK speaks for itself.

Renewable energy, responsibly stored

We work with national clients and organisations to deliver large-scale commercial Battery Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Power Plants and Solar power.