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We are a flexible, knowledgeable, and determined real estate developer with a proven track record of delivering high-quality development projects. We provide an extensive catalogue of services, from site acquisition to full development of the build, we are able to partner you every step of the journey for a full turnkey. With experience throughout the construction and energy sectors, you can be sure that no matter what obstacle you see in your way, we’ll have the answer.

We’re searching for major development sites in and around London, with a focus on those that have the potential to transform entire neighbourhoods through innovative urban design and delivery.

Let’s create together.
Land acquisitions

Our Approach to Development

Land – Identifying potential sites and taking utilisation of opportunity

When it comes to finding appealing properties and seizing opportunities that others might ignore, our purchase experience and track record give us an edge over the competition. This has provided us with a great network of contacts and intelligence throughout the UK.

Because we have a strong in-house finance foundation, we can move swiftly to acquire large locations, either separately or with co-investors. We approach all acquisitions with a systematic approach, from unconditional land purchases to bespoke joint venture partnerships. We’re on the hunt for opportunities to expand significantly.

Planning – Creating places for people

Obtaining the appropriate permission for a product necessitates extensive preparation and development. This is why, in order to gain support for our initiatives and maximise a site’s potential, we collaborate closely with policymakers, decision-makers, and local populations.
We collaborate with professional consultants who have in-depth expertise of specific industry sectors as well as London boroughs, allowing us to crystallise financial value and create lively places that survive the test of time.

Construction – Laying foundations to complete build

We are dedicated to the creation of remarkable buildings and have a solid track record of implementing development projects.
To manage all part of the development process, from idea and planning to in-house construction management and delivery, the TypeTen Team draws on in-house expertise and a tram of renowned specialists.

We are focused on producing high-quality, successful new places that can transform entire communities through innovative urban design, complicated construction, and delivery from initial designs to handover.