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Supporting the Dolphin Ward

This year, as a team we embarked on the Peak District Challenge. We walked 50K in 12 hours on Saturday 23rd April 2022 in aid of the Dolphin Ward which cares for children with a wide range of medical, surgical, and orthopaedic conditions in both the West Essex and Hertfordshire area.

We are always looking for new challenges to help us grow and innovate, and we want to help and support the communities around us with all the challenges we accept.

Together our team has raised an amazing £6,147 for the Dolphin Ward at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, more than double our original target.

We used the fund to purchase needed equipment after consulting with the hospital.

‘As a nurse myself and having worked lots of Christmas you cannot explain how grateful the patients and families are to receive a sack of presents on Christmas day, it massively lifts the families as all their plans for a Christmas at home have changed in a split second, when their child has been admitted to the ward. To share that moment with them is really special as we are away from our families also so always cheers us, Nurses, up to! Honestly thank you so much it means so much to us, again lovely to meet you both.’¬†Helen Weaving, Dolphin Ward Manager¬†