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TypeTen worked with X Construct Ltd to deliver a stunning 13 story canopy for a first-class hotel development, along with 180,000 sq. ft of new offices and 87 modern residential units in the heart of the capital. The proposal included a vision to create a high-quality, mixed-use scheme while boosting the local community around the site with new pedestrianised areas. With concerted effort given to creating a characterful area for the public to enjoy, new architecture, landscaping and foliage would provide the new open spaces with a pleasant ambiance and a strong local identity.

TypeTen underwent a series of temporary and permanent works including controlled demolition, creation of new drainage structures, concrete repairs, landscaping, and installation of street works incorporating outdoor furniture and anti-ram bollards.

The outcome was a new redeveloped area for residents and visitors in the City of London to work, stay, and enjoy. “TypeTen have been fantastic, with the delivery approach being proactive, helpful and safety conscious all of which were the key factors in the decision to negotiated significant additional packages of work directly with TypeTen. Their entire team have become an integral part of the wider project team and have played a key role in the successful delivery of this exciting project.”


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The Works

Builder’s works


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