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British Airways Flight Training

To improve flight training facilities at London Heathrow Airport, British Airways commissioned TypeTen to strip out 2 buildings – a Grade II listed hangar and an occupied office building – without compromising BA’s business continuity and safety record. This project was carried out from a position of commitment to produce minimum debris and ensure the continuity of activity in the world’s busiest airport.

For the hangar phase, TypeTen worked across a 300m concrete roof and canted trusses. Since all work was carried out next to live aircraft maintenance, we made sure that no debris was mishandled, thus avoiding compromising the safety of the British Airways fleet. A special tunnel was constructed to mitigate the significant risk posed by Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and airborne debris when transporting waste or detritus. As for Technical Building C, our team removed 200,000 sq ft of an occupied 10-story office building.







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